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Aquafauna News

Your Artemia Alternatives Website    

Replace up to 100% of Artemia with our new releases:  


ArteMac High Hufa Artemia Replacement Diet rapidly becoming the diet of choice for replacing Artemia cysts usage by up to 100%.
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Total Replacement of Live Algae with AlgaMac increases survival 50%.
In Penang, Malaysia, survival of P.monodon increased to 36% (from only 20-30%) with the exclusive use of a combination of Bio-Marine's AlgaMac series of  DHA rich diets and NO LIVE ALGAE. 
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Alternative Feeds still your best hedge against future shortages.
A new harvest is on the horizon but... and that's a BIG BUT, will Mother Nature be kind or continue to punish the Artemia industry with another poor harvest.  We'll just have to wait and see but in the mean time, just to be prepared as we all like to be, invest some time in our alternative diets that can replace a substantial portion of your Artemia usage.  So, even if Mother Nature blesses us with a great harvest, you still have the option of supllementing your artemia supplies with even more nutritionally balanced diets.
Diversification of your feeding regimen by way of alternative feeds is a smart and cost effective way of reducing your dependence on artemia.  Don't let a devastating blow like last year's harvest become a knock-out blow to your hatchery. 



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PO Box 5, Hawthorne, California 90250 USA / Tel: 310-973-5275 / Fax: 310-676-9387 

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