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AlgaMac-3050 ArteMac
AlgaMac-Enrich Economac
AlgaMac-Enhance (Use Red AlgaMac) MadMac-MS
AlgaMac Protein Plus Spirulina
Red AlgaMac AstaRose
Formulated Diets
The DHA/EPA Difference




















 RED AlgaMac
New Red AlgaMac is the latest addition to the popular AlgaMac Series spray and drum-dried formulation specifically targeted at Rotifer and Artemia Enrichment.  Rotifers feeding application is based on applying a specific number of grams per million rotifers per day.  Artemia feeding application is based on applying a specific number of grams to a volume (m3) of water containing X number of Artemia.    Red AlgaMac is 100% single celled components which retains a slightly superior water quality advantage in the enrichment tanks over RotiMac. 
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AlgaMac-3050 Flake
Like the original AlgaMac-2000 & 3000, AlgaMac-3050 is a pure schizochytrium algae that has been drum dried and presented in flake form.   AlgaMac-3050 also offers more than twice the DHA levels in a 300 micron coarse particle (1.5mm).  Blend to use for Artemia enrichment,  live algae replacement or as a formula ingredient.  Not recommended for direct feeding.       
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AlgaMac Protein Plus
AlgaMac Protein Plus, 100% celled algae and high protein species for partial or complete algae replacement and supplement and rotifer culture diet. A revolutionary algae replacement is now available for complete or partial use.  Composed of heterotrophic and phototrophic species, vitamins, attractants, and pigmentation, new AlgaMac Protein Plus is the latest addition to Aquafauna Bio-Marine's "AlgaMac" series of high quality diets.
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This has been discontinued.  Use Red AlgaMac instead. 
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New AlgaMac-Enrich is a spray dried, aquaculture nutrition product that is high in DHA and natural astaxanthin...  ***
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ArteMac Artemia Replacement
ArteMac Artemia replacement diet is your answer to sky-high Artemia prices.  With a higher nutritional profile that Artemia (un-enriched), ArteMac is designed to replace a significant amount (up to 100%) of your live Artemia usage plus we've added AlgaMac-3050 for necessary levels of DHA to help promote growth and survival.  Don't have an Artemia attack... GET ArteMac!   
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EconoMac Extruded Powdered HUFA Feed
The value of EconoMac is right in it's name.  This is quickly becoming a standard hatchery feed thanks to high quality ingredients and nutrients and best of all.. the price.
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  MadMac-MS (Sinking) Maturation Stimulator & Broodstock Conditioner


MadMac-MS Maturation Stimulator is a revolutionary, soft-fresh diet containing high levels of DHA and DPA, essential for maturation stimulation and conditioning of broodstock kept in captivity.  

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Formulated Diets (4000 Series)
& Higashimaru Brand

Japonicus Formula

Vannamei Formula

The 4000 series diet is a consistent micro-particle diet that is ideal for supplementing your current feeding regimen or if you're organizing new feed schedules.  Manufactured from primarily marine based proteins and fish oils, ABM 4000 series formulated feeds is a hassle free addition to any feeding regimen and essential for any hatchery growing Penaeid post larvae shrimp.  
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Spirulina Dried Algae
Bio-Marine's Spirulina is a spray dried algae to insure consistent particle size. Supplement your live algae with Bio-Marine's high quality Spirulina.
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AstaRose (Astaxanthin)
Bio-Marine's AstaRose is a natural source of astaxanthin, derived from a unique strain of yeast. The majority of the AstaRose carotenoid fraction is astaxanthin.  This concentrated form of natural astaxanthin has been carefully formulated into a fine, free flowing dark red powder and is an essential nutritional requirement and a pigment source for aquatic animals.

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