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Coarse Flake Particle (1.5mm)

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Use as:
Artemia/Rotifer Enrichment Live Algae Replacement
Formula Ingredient Direct Feeding for Some Species
bulletSound nutritional profile.
bulletHigh percentage of lipids.
bulletExtremely high levels of DHA (22:6w3).
bulletGood buoyancy characteristics.
Increased Growth & Survival Rates
Significant Reduction in Live Algae Costs 
Highest in Omega-3 (DHA) 
Easy To Use 
Increased Growth & Survival Rates Nutritionally balanced with amino acids, vitamins & minerals, and more than twice the DHA of the original AlgaMac-2000.
Significant Reduction in Live Algae Costs  AlgaMac-3050 can partially substitute your live algae production and save up to 80% (Considering reduced labor and overhead requirements for live algae production). 
Highest in Omega-3 (DHA)  Ideal for Artemia or Rotifer enrichment in temperate or warm water. You can't find a more powerful diet for increased growth and survival. 
Easy To Use  No messy oils. AlgaMac-3050 is a dry, simple to use powder. The spray dried cells display high stability in suspension and maintains excellent water quality characteristics. 



Each (800g)

Contact local distributor

Case 8 kgs (10 x 800g)

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Packed in 800g
vacuum packed foil bags.
10 x 800g per case



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PO Box 5, Hawthorne, California 90250 USA / Tel: 310-973-5275 / Fax: 310-676-9387 

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