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     DHA balanced enrichment formula for rotifer and Artemia, cultured marine coastal/oceanic pelagic and benthic specie larvae.

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AlgaMac-Enrich is a balanced formulation that establishes DHA in the 8-10% range with total lipids of 30-33% (similar tothe profiles of our former AlgaMac 2000). It contains whole cell  Schizochytrium (for DHA/lipids and DHA, defatted Haematococcus pluvialis meal (for proteins/carbohydrates), and inactive Yeast for added protein. All components used are Non-GMO. 

AlgaMac-Enrich was developed for tuna and other more difficult pelagic marine larvae.  Preparation and application is easy.  Blend with water and use similarly as with other AlgaMac enrichment diets or add as an ingredient to maturation and conditioning diets.  

Enrich your production with new AlgaMac-Enrich.

·        Twenty (20) grams AstaRose™ Astaxanthin per kilogram.

·        Does not foul water and minimal foaming when prepared as instructed under Protocol.

·        Ingested readily with excellent uptake of DHA by rotifers and artemia nauplii.

·        Suitable as a supplement for conditioning site made maturation diets.




Note: Certain types of algae and marine phytoplankton have both chlorophyll as do plants, and most all the essential amino acids, as do animal proteins.




Each (1kg) resealable foil bags Contact local distributor
Case (1kg) Contact local distributor
Larger quantities Contact local distributor
All sizes packed in vacuum packed foil bags 
with oxygen absorber packs.
All prices FOB ABM Whse.
Priced per kilo



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