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Extruded / Micronized HUFA Feed
Economac is designed to supplement the later stages of development into growout.  When you need a high quality / low cost feed, add Economac to your regimine of Bio-Marine PL feeds. 

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bulletExcellent supplement to Artemia. 
bulletOptimal nutritional augmentation and lipid loading for growout. 
bulletIncreased Survival. 
bulletReduced Stress. 
bulletRemains stable and intact for over 12 hours (even during consumption).
Micron Range
Economac-0 0 50
Economac-1 1 100-200
Economac-2 2 200-300
Economac-3 3 300-500
Economac-4 4 500-800





Each (3kg) Contact local distributor
Case (24kg) Contact local distributor
10 kg Bucket Contact local distributor
Packed in 3kg 
vacuum packed foil bags.
8 x 3kg bags (24 kg) per case
Also available in 10kg bucket
All prices FOB ABM Whse.
Priced per Kilo

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