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(50, 125, 250, 350 micron)
Vannamei Formula

The 4000 series diet is a consistent microparticle diet that is ideal for supplementing your current feeding regimen or if you're organizing new feed schedules.  Bio-Marine's Family of Feeds are tailored to larval/post larval stages of development (see chart below).

Manufactured from primarily marine based proteins and fish oils, ABM 4000 series formulated feeds is a hassle free addition to any feeding regimen and essential for any hatchery growing Penaeid post larvae shrimp

Bio-Marine's 4000 series formulated diets covers a wide range of larval/post larval rearing.  Supplement other Bio-Marine diets for a well rounded nutritional regimen.  The recommended ranges for each size are shown below:

Recommended Ranges 
Catalog# Micron Size Feeding Range Combine with Bio-Marine's..
ABM4000 (0) 50
Mysis 1& 2
Artemac-0, AlgaMac-3050 (direct feed and as enrichment),  Spirulina.
ABM4000 (1) 125 Mysis 2 to PL-1 Artemac-1, AlgaMac-3050 (direct feeding and as enrichment), Bio-Marine Artemia Cysts
ABM4000 (2) 250 PL-1 to PL-5 Bio-Marine Artemia Cysts, AlgaMac-3050
ABM4000 (3) 350 PL-5 to PL-15 Bio-Marine Artemia Cysts





kg (1kg min) Contact local distributor
CS/10kg (10 x $18/kg) Contact local distributor
Packed in 1kg 
vacuum packed foil bags.
10 x 1kg bags (10 kg) per case.
All prices FOB ABM Whse.

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