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Use as:
Direct feed for Extended Nursery
bulletAll Natural, closed culture purity.
bulletGood buoyancy characteristics.
bulletEasy To Use - 1-step feeding. 
bulletBased on single cell protein, non-GMO algae & yeasts
bulletFREE from fishmeal, fish oil and terrestrial grains
All natural, closed culture purity Extends the period where biosecurity and better nutrition can be applied economically.  Use as supplemental diet to boost nutrient levels in existing regimens without adding additional ocean or manufacturing contaminants coming from fishmeal, fish oil or terrestrial grains as the carbohydrate/protein components.
 Direct Feed for Extended Nursery Pro AlgaMac-SCP remains suspended under light aeration up to 12 hours. These whole cell components have better anti-leaching properties, bound and stabilized in flake form.  Unlike some commercial pellets, SCP meals have <3% moisture compared to <8% for pellets, thus a 5% savings off the top.
Added protein and Omega-3 (DHA)  Pro AlgaMac-SCP are based on Single Cell Proteins (SCP), fats, carbohydrates and other trace components/amino acids and are terrestrial grain-free AND Fishmeal/Fish oil-free. Our SCP are derived from algae and yeasts in a whole or broken cell format for better digestibility and are non-GMO grown under controlled cultured conditions, heterotrophically or phototrophically.      
Easy To Use  Hydrate flakes in a shaker with seawater and dispense directly into raceways. If smaller flakes desired, 
put wet product in a meshed bag and squeeze the paste into the raceways. Flakes of the algae meal/oils will stay intact for up to 24 hours.



20 kg carton

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Packed in:
20 kg fiber carton with inner poly-bag liner.
All prices FOB ABM Whse.



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PO Box 5, Hawthorne, California 90250 USA / Tel: 310-973-5275 / Fax: 310-676-9387 

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