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High Density P.E. Float
1. Heavy duty material, impact and crack resistant. 

2. Resistant to acid-alkalinity and sun exposure.

3. One-piece blow molded without any sealing. Leak-proof.

Low Resistant Reducer
(Inquire for pricing)
1. High performance bearings to last life of unit.

2. High quality alloy components

3. Engineered for low resistance resulting in smooth turning, decreased energy loss performance.

High Efficiency Motor
(Inquire for pricing)
1. Designed specifically for aquatic environments.

2. Built to C.N.S. national high quality standards.

3. Quality controls ensures long lasting performance

Nylon Block Bearing
(Inquire for pricing)
1. Low frictional coefficient with special lined rubber bushing as energy saving feature.

2. High quality rubber bushing significantly reduces wear and tear from shaft.

3. No aging or cracking problem for nylon body.

4. Angle hole for bolt-nut so only one spanner to fix in place is needed.

Patented Stainless Shaft
(Inquire for pricing)
1. Breakthrough design of shaft and impeller combination to save assembling time and more stable in operation.

2. High hardness with excellent stainless steel and nylon to assure durability.

3. Breakthrough design of one-piece molded shaft with semi-coupling to ensure better configuration and combination.

4. Acid-alkalinity resistance and rust-free for longer life.

5. High ductility to lessen vibration effect and achieve higher impact resistance.

Patented 8-Paddle Nylon Impeller
(Inquire for pricing)
1. UV and corrosion resistant.

2. 33% more water splashing (as compared to 6 paddles) enhancing oxygenation and producing stonger water current.

3. Higher stability and durability quotient.

4. Easy to remove paddles for ease of maintenance.

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PO Box 5, Hawthorne, California 90250 USA / Tel: 310-973-5275 / Fax: 310-676-9387 

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