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> ENH (Enhance)

Preparation and Feeding with

AlgaMac-Enhance requirements will vary by species.  However, when using as an enrichment, apply as follows:

Rotifer Starting at a rate of: 0.5 grams per million rotifers twice each day.
Artemia Apply 0.2 grams per liter per 100,000 nauplii per 12 hour enrichment period.

Prepare enrichment by blending with seawater for a few minutes (in electric blender), sieve liquid mix through a 50 micron mesh into enrichment tank

When applying as a component to maturation or conditioning diets, add starting portions of AlgaMac-Enhance at a rate of 3-4% of the diet's total composition.  Final level of inclusion to be determined by user..
IMPORTANT FEEDING NOTE: When enriching with AlgaMac Enhance, continue to feed the rotifers 35% of the normal application of live algae and/or culture diets normally used. This will provide sufficient proteins and carbohydrates for proper metabolism during the enrichment period.

symptom of dysfunctional metabolism due to high fat enrichment is lethargic activity of the rotifers at the 5-6 hour after enrichment begins or from low enrichment tank water temperature. With the continued application of live algae or culture diets at one third normal feeding rates, the rotifers will uptake the enrichment properly."

Also note: AlgaMac-Enhance is used widely by public aquariums for exhibit tank species

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PO Box 5, Hawthorne, California 90250 USA / Tel: 310-973-5275 / Fax: 310-676-9387 

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