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Suggested Feeding Protocol for...

Bio-Marine's 4000 series formulated feed covers a wide range of larval/post larval rearing. The recommended ranges for each size are shown below:

Cat# Micron Size Feeding Range Combine with Bio-Marine's..
ABM4000-0 50 Zoea-3, Mysis 1& 2 Artemac-0, AlgaMac-3050 (direct feed and as enrichment),  Spirulina.
ABM4000-1 125 Mysis 2 to PL-1 Artemac-1, AlgaMac-3050 (direct feeding and as enrichment), Bio-Marine Artemia Cysts
ABM4000-2 250 PL-1 to PL-5 Bio-Marine Artemia Cysts, AlgaMac-3050
ABM4000-3 350 PL-5 to PL-15 Bio-Marine Artemia Cysts

The 4000 series diet is a consistent microparticle diet that is ideal for supplementing your current feeding regimen or if you're organizing new feed schedules, take a serious look at Bio-Marine's Family of Feeds which are tailored to larval/post larval stages of development (see chart above).

Manufactured from primarily marine based proteins and fish oils, ABM 4000 series formulated feeds is a hassle free addition to any feeding regiment and essential for any hatchery growing Penaeid post larvae shrimp

Inquire by phone, fax or email and we will be happy to place an order or answer any questions regarding how any of Bio-Marine's Family of Feeds can work most effectively in your hatchery.


General questions for Aquafauna please contact: aquafauna@aquafauna.com 


PO Box 5, Hawthorne, California 90250 USA / Tel: 310-973-5275 / Fax: 310-676-9387 

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