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Guidelines for the use and trial of MACMAC-MS
The PRODUCT: MadMac-MS is designed as a sinking maturation stimulator and conditioning soft diet which is prepared at the hatchery. It has been reformulated based on trial findings with marine broodstock fish and shrimp including Astaxanthin (in the form of NatuRose**), ARA (Arachidonic Acid) and other enhanced attractant components that augment the high quality marine based extract already present.  It is extremely high in the essential fatty acids known to stimulate maturation; in the form of DHA, DPA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids.  
The ESSENCE: The form of these fatty acids is a spray-dried Schizochytrium algae-like organism which is hygenically grown and free from disease. All essential fatty acids are bio-encapsulated in cells 6 to 9 microns in size and are highly stable. MadMac has more DHA and DPA than the highest quality cold water bloodworms. It has 2.5 times the EPA as frozen enriched Artemia biomass. It is made of marine proteins mostly in the hydrolysate form, which preserves all essential enzymes and makes protein highly digestible with improved conversion efficiencies. It has attractants with controlled leaching due to the binder which sets independent of temperature.
The MIX: MadMac-MS is provided in dry powder form and is prepared in your maturation facility. Simply hand blend one part fresh water (500 ml) to one part dry mix (500 gr) until a paste is formed (If using pastry bag applicator, reduce mixing portions to 250ml fresh water to 250 grams MadMac-MS). Load into an extruder (ie: meat grinder or hand held pastry bag) and form the "worms" within 3-4 minutes of adding the water and let dry set on flat smooth surface for 15-30 minutes before portioning for immediate use. Note: Size the meat grinder die to produce worms with 5-6mm diameter. Smaller or larger sizes may be extruded depending on what size dies are available. ** Important: Always use FRESH WATER to mix MadMac-MS paste. DO NOT use salt water as the mixture will not set.
A NOTE: If mixing for more than one feeding, refrigerate unused extruded portions until ready for feeding. It is highly advisable that no more than that day’s quantity be prepared since no preservatives are used in this diet.

Some HINTS: Dry setting should take about 20-25 minutes under normal situations. However, if less water is used, setting will be triggered in slightly less time, but mixing and extrusion will be difficult since the paste will be quite dry and hard. If too much water is used, the paste will be moist, easy to extrude, and sticky to the touch, but it will still set after about 30 minutes. A very moist paste will have a tendency to produce worms which will stick together and be a little difficult to separate even after dry setting. Worms should not be touched immediately after extrusion until it has dry set since they will stick together with slight compression. The worms in contact with one another upon extrusion, however, will easily separate from each other once the paste has dry set. Do not extrude and put worms directly into water or the broodstock tanks until it has set, as it will come apart when the animals feed on it.

FEEDBACK: Since this is an artificial diet, the user can determine which of the other fresh diets currently being used may be eliminated without compromise to animal performance. MadMac can reduce the cost and time factors of maturation operation dramatically. Since it is an artificial mix, it also becomes a convenient vehicle for applications of prophylactics for disease prevention and control. But more importantly, with observational feedback, Aquafauna Bio-Marine, can alter this diet to better suit your broodstock’s needs, and this can be done quite rapidly once we know the parameters you are seeking to change.


**NatuRose® is a registered trademark of Cyanotech Corporation.



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