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Protocol > P.monodon with Economac


30 Day suggested feeding schedule for stocking stage beginning at PL-1

Stage Range
Micron Size
Economac Size
PL-1 to PL-6 100-200 1
PL-7 to PL-14 200-300 2
PL-15 to PL-20 300-500 3
PL-21 to PL-30 500-800 4

Directions for use: Mix milled diets with water to suspend particles, then distribute to rearing tank.  Feed small amounts often without overfeeding.  Maintain water quality closely.


General questions for Aquafauna please contact: aquafauna@aquafauna.com 


PO Box 5, Hawthorne, California 90250 USA / Tel: 310-973-5275 / Fax: 310-676-9387 

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