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Refractometers > Trouble Shooting 
(Aquafauna Bio-Marine Refractometers)

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HARD TO READ HORIZONTAL LINE 1. Make sure your sample completely covers prism

2. Is your light source bright enough?
HORIZONTAL LINE IS TILTED TO THE LEFT OR RIGHT: Barrel either unscrewed from prism head or is over tightened. To reset, put sample on prism. While looking through unit, hold the barrel with one hand and with other hand, turn the prism head in the OPPOSITE direction from which the line tilts until line is straight across. 

NOTE: If prism head is still loose once you've re-straightened line, please return to Aquafauna for inspection/repair.
DIFFUSED READINGS (HAZY, FOGGY) 1. Check eyepiece. When lifting unit to your eye, an exhaling breath on the eyepiece will create condensation on the outside of the small circular lens. This will dissipate in a few seconds or can be wiped off.

2. Moving unit from cold to warm or warm to cold ambient temperatures can cause condensation inside the unit and
most likely on the internal scale. Leave the unit in a warm, ventilated area until condensation dries. If condensation persists, or makes unit hard to read even after it has dried, return to Aquafauna for inspection/repair.

Check under daylight plate and look at prism. Small areas resembling air bubbles where the blue color appears to lifted will cause the readings to become less distinct.
Return to Aquafauna for inspection/repair.
NO LINE OR LINE WILL NOT CALIBRATE TO ZERO Remove plastic cap that covers adjustment screw. Place sample on prism and while looking through unit, turn adjustment screw counter clockwise with small screwdriver
until horizontal line begins to rise. If adjustment screw comes all the way out of unit but the line still does not rise, return to Aquafauna for inspection/repair. If line does rise, using distilled water, place a sample on prism, turn adjustment screw counter clockwise until line is above zero then turn adjustment screw clockwise and re-calibrate unit back to zero.




General questions for Aquafauna please contact: aquafauna@aquafauna.com 


PO Box 5, Hawthorne, California 90250 USA / Tel: 310-973-5275 / Fax: 310-676-9387 

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